Marsden Engineering, Inc.


A variety of people with different needs contract with Marsden Engineering, these include
  • Homeowners: who are selling their homes (Title V Issues)
  • Clients: who are selling off larger parcels of land and need assistance/direction.
  • Individuals: purchasing raw land for a home site.
  • Developers: who need complete subdivisions designed, or are looking for building sites that we have available.
  • Business Owners: creating their own business campus or are changing their existing sites.
  • Town Boards: who contract with MEI to review projects etc within their towns.

what we do

What Do We Do?
  • We consult via site inspections to individuals/corporations.
  • We design Sewage Disposal Systems
  • We layout and place homes and driveways on sites
  • File Notice of Intents to permit sites with Wetlands Protection Act issues.
  • MEI runs percolation / deep hole test as required by the state.
  • Representation of clients at all local, state, federal agencies
  • We complete applications (paperwork) for state and local variances
  • We design subdivisions
  • We produce commercial site plans
  • We purchase distressed properties
  • We privately buy/sell properties
  • We consult with local towns as the Town Consulting Engineer for town projects.