Marsden Engineering, Inc.


Marsden Engineering provides a variety of services. Some recent projects are:

  • Home Owners with failed title V contact MEI. We coordinate all testing services with area boards, discuss with the homeowners their options and then design a plan for approval to repair or replace their septic system. (contact us)
  • Prospective buyers of raw land contact MEI for site evaluations. After a site walk and research, MEI will offer assistance in making an accurate evaluation as to the land potential on a cost benefit analysis.
  • Prospective Single House Lot Buyers contact MEI prior to purchases to obtain information on lot lines, boundaries, wetlands issues to help evaluate site prior to purchase.
  • Construction Management – Provide complete onsite supervision for all aspect of site development including : coordination of subcontractors, approvals with State and Town officials. On-Site workmanship quality and quantity inspections.
  • Commercial Developers who need site plans and site plan approvals, code evaluation, expansion plans, wetlands issues, driveways, drainage.

Click Here for a list of companies we've worked with.